Adventurer, Adol = Christine you left behind the many adventure Tan, chopped name to posterity. It is the series that I stuffed without sparing a dense description, discovery and encounter a variety of his adventure, which began from Ys.
Ys Foliage Ocean in CELCETA
Young redhead who have lost their memory was wandering the city.
"Hey, Adol!"
According to the silver-haired man, which has been called out the name of the young man called Adol, say disappearances was a few weeks ago since I left to "Foliage Ocean in CELCETA". What has happened to me in the ocean of trees on earth? In order to ascertain the truth, Adol is determined to challenge again to the land "Foliage Ocean in CELCETA" forbidden.
Adventurer Leave a name to posterity. I lose the memory Foliage Ocean in the outback.
Information shop. Can not leave someone alone the person who is unrestrained but in need.

Cheerful girl in Akeppiroge. Attentive good at caring. Prowess as a warrior and hunting guests.
Girl curious. Also appear childlike but is coherent.

Brown animal that is kept in many parts of the world from the finest meat.
Strange creatures rather than as "Mishishi". It seems to haunt also Seruseta region.
Adventurer redhead that was touted as the century adventurer, Adol = Christin. Adol became a 23-year-old, blessed with the opportunity to visit Arutago principality of the earth and North Afuroka continent of longing. Tradition remains a number of scattered, mysterious and ancient race, disappeared in the "Great Dragon" .... Set in Arutago filled with many mysteries, adventure of Adol will kick off ... again!
Adventurer Leave a name to posterity. 23 years old at the time. Without heart in good health and cloudy fiery red hair.
Buddy of Adol. 28 years old at the time. It's rough but likable fellow thick to humanity.

It is a proud minded but roots obedient girl. There is also a friendly face.
Mercenary who met Adol six months ago. 22 years old at the time. I take a slump in Arutago action.
Country "Ys" of the great legend. It was a utopia that is guided to the six priests and goddess of twins, boasted glory on the ground. But when some, many demons appeared without warning, was trampled on the ground in the blink of an eye. To respond by, for example, to float the temple by the power of the "black pearl" six priest and goddess, but still crisis of ruin was going to come. Meanwhile, goddess of twins is a symbol of Ys disappears. To find the goddess who disappeared, and the best selection and Mage Knight, six priests were sent to the ground.
Simple and innocent girl. You can not use magic, but volunteered the temple knight.
Genius Mage with a mighty magic at a young age. I take an irreverent attitude haughtiness.

←The Claw
I do not reveal to anyone the name of one person enemy Tachifusagaru before posse.
When I visited the city where the Dogi and Adol, I learned the accident that struck the region Felghana. From Dogi with a serious face, to hear that it is a city Felghana was born and raised his, with the aim of Felghana. Adol set foot in the land of Felghana to shake off a bad feeling, oozes atmosphere menacing.
Adventurer Leave a name to posterity.19 years old at the time. I'm full of curiosity and adventure always new world.
Buddy of Adol. 24 years old at the time. Carpopodite a strong daring personality.

Sister of Chester. Is well-natured hard worker. There is also ability to take action.
Childhood friend of Dogi. Had assisted the work of Edgar while nourish Elena.
Was on the ship we "with me who is? Do not go to see" the end of the world "" If you notice ---. Xintiandi never "Maelstrom of Canan" ... who spread beyond that also saw. It's also thought the prominence ship columns fleeting, looming, had aligned towards this place tonnage lined gun column ---
Adventurer Leave a name to posterity."The red-haired Adol" also known as the.
Buddy of Adol. Probably because duty and obligations is deep, it is easy to be caught up in mess.

Daughter of Rehda family with a tail of the beast and long ears. I have cared a Adol that drifted ashore.
Sister Olha. In extreme shyness, I would run away scared the Adol.

Girl I met three years ago. Growth like a marriageable daughter.
Young mercenary. I come warned "Do not pry into unnecessary things" to Adol.
YsV The Lost Kingdom, Kefin
Long time ago, there was a kingdom once flourished by alchemy.The Lost Kingdom, Kefin.After 500years the glory of kingdom faded in history, and now it is only a legend.One day red-haired young man arrives at Xandria, near Kefin dessert.Seeking legendary Kingdome, now another adventure of Adol begins!
Adventurer Leave a name to posterity. 20 years old at the time.
Trying to find her missing fother. She has lost her childhood memories.

Thief girl who tries to interfere Adol's quest.
Ancient sorcerer. After the death of his beloved woman, he blamed himself not being able to save her. He turned himself into Demon.
After the adventure at Esterior, he was reminiscing about long battle at seashore. The death of Dulk-Fukt. The most significant source of evil, Darm. Feena, Reah... With a sudden caution, Adol finds a little bottle with letter inside on a sandy beach. "Brave one, come and save Celceta... " As one adventure ends, another one begins...
Adventurer Leave a name to posterity. Redhead glowing features.
A girl who helped Adol recover from a near-death experience. She has deep emotion to Eldeel, the winged humanoid.

←Gaddis, Glurda, Bamy
The descendants of "Evil Ones" who tries to
There had been almost three years since Adol saved Ys from the evil. He was traveling in every place with his company, Dogi. One day, they hears about the baleful rumors about Felugana, Dogi's birthplace. At Felugana they see furious monsters crawling around all over the land. What kind of adventure will be awaiting Adol at this ruined place....??
Adventurer Leave a name to posterity. Redhead glowing features.
Buddy of Adol. Carpopodite that is strong and to appear to break the wall to pinch of Adol often.

Dogi's childhood friend. Cares about her only family, Chester.
Elena's brother. Planning to rebirth Galvalan for his revenge.
YsI&II Chronicles
Ys had governed the priests and beautiful goddess. Metal priests made ??to produce "The Magic", after "The Magic" has built a tower, goddess and disappear, follow-up demon stopped. Time the seven hundred years later, all was forgotten, the metal would be dug, Mage Dalk = Fukt resulting in unleashed the "magic" ....
Adventurer Leave a name to posterity. 17 years old at the time.
Henchman of one of the thieves Govan. The intrusion in tower to snatch the treasure

Girl of memory loss. I do not remember the name other than their own.
Girl troubadour. No one to learn more about her.

Descendants of priests fact. No one after being killed the parents, I saw him.
Girl who cared a Adol that had fallen to ruins. Actually have a serious medical condition.