Vantage Master Online Manual

About Vantage Master Online


Vantage Master Online is a simulation game which describes the battle between spirit summoners called "masters". You become as one of the 18 masters and fight against the enemy by summoning the spirits, called "Natial".

To finish each stage, you have to reduce hit point (HP) of the opposed master to 0. You will lose the game if your HP were reduced to 0 by opposed Natials or master.

When the battle begins, the first thing you do is to summon Natial. Then move your master and Natials as you move the chess, to attack the enemies.

System Requirements

OS Windows 95/98/Me/XP
CPU Pentium/486DX2 66MHz or better
(Pentium 100MHz recommended)
System Memory 16MBrequired
Hard Disk Drive Space 28MB available
Display 640x480 pixels, 256colors capable
Sound MIDI
DirectX DirectX5.0 or greater required
(DirectX3 is available if not playing Network Battle)

Playing Scenario/Expert Mode

In Scenario/Expert mode, you cannot choose your master. The master will be chosen by the computer automatically after you answer several questions.

In Scenario mode, there are limitation of the magic and Natials you can use in the beginning. Your master's level starts from level 1. When you finish the map, the master's ability will be raised and one magic or Natial is added to your list. You can choose the battle stage from 4 different maps, the new choices will appear on World window as the game goes on.

The Expert mode is prepared for advanced users. It is composed of 8 high-level maps, but you have to solve the map one by one. You can choose all Natials and magic from the start.

Playing Free Battle Mode

You can choose any master and can adjust all of the ability levels. All of the Natials and the magic can be used. There are maps from the Scenario mode plus the original maps only for Free Battle mode.

You can choose your opponent either Computer or other player. When you play with advanced player, you can customize your master's ability for handicap.

When you are having difficulty solving the maps in Scenario mode, you can choose computer vs computer battle on Free Battle mode. It might give you a good hint to play the game.

Playing Network Battle Mode

On Network Battle Mode, you can play with other players on work.

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Basic Rules of Vantage Master Online